Food Safety

We deliver food safe, cost effective, high quality products that protect consumer's well-being and our customer's integrity. Food Safety is our top priority for SFI.

Food Safety and Quality Maintenance Program

As a SFI Partner, our suppliers meet the highest food safety and quality standards which includes:
We have implemented preventative controls for pathogens and verify through a positive release pathogen testing program. We have thorough seek and destroy Environmental Monitoring Programs which ensure the safety of our processing environments.
Chemical Testing
At the Farm the soil is tested for chemical contaminents, pesticides, and naturally-occuring toxins. Post production product testing is performed to verify chemical control programs are effectively controlling risks.
The Food Safety and Quality Systems of our suppliers are regularly audited, verified and reviewed for continual improvement.
Biosecurity and Food Fraud
We maintain the Food Safety and Quality of the product throughout manufacturing, transportation and delivery. We have strong Food Defense Programs in place as well as programs to ensure our product is free of Food Fraud or adulteration.

Superior Foods Qualification Program

When qualifying a new supplier, there is a process for verifying their Food Safety and Quality Standards meet SFI’s stringent standards.
Desk Audit
The supplier provides documentation regarding their Food Safety and Quality Systems for our team to review.
Plant Audit
The plants are inspected to ensure that they meet our specifications. For some customers, a second audit verifies compliance with their specific directives.
Process Monitoring
The supplier’s processes are continuously reviewed to authenticate that they are meeting our requirements and that they maintain consistent, ongoing operating practices.
Annual Review
Each year a comprehensive review of the entire organization and its processes is performed to verify and document overall food safety and quality performance.