Sustainability = Prosperity

Stewardship as a Business Strategy

We take our responsibility as global stewards seriously. Our commitment to best practices is shared with our partners and evident in the communities where we work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global entity, we are acutely aware of our social and environmental impact. One element of our corporate strategy is to maximize value by operating with the highest standards of integrity in our business dealings, activities and corporate governance.

We set uncompromising standards for ourselves in labor practices, occupational health, safety, environmental protection and the use of sustainable natural resources. And we expect our partner to follow our example. We have an unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of TRIFIC:

We instill trust in others by being trustworthy ourselves
We help each other get it right, every time, on time
We choose the right path with intent and consistency
Food Safety
We protect consumer’s well-being
We find new and better ways to create products, solutions, and sources of supply
We care about people and the communities where we work


As global population expands and new markets develop, the need to make continual progress in our sustainability efforts grows. We work with our global partners to develop and implement socially and environmentally responsible agriculture practices to be positive impactful stewards of the environment and the communities in which we work.

In our daily activities we make it a priority to focus on saving energy, recycling, reducing paper usage, reusing resources, and reviewing transportation efficiency.

Guatemala Highland Alliance

Operating in both the developed and developing countries, we're in a unique position to help rural communities. We encourage responsible and sustainable agriculture practices that promote economic activity and reduce poverty.

One such project is our partnership with the Sustainable Food Lab, Oxfam, CIAT, Target, and Alimento's Sumar in an ambitious and innovative partnership called the “Guatemala Highland Value Chain Development Alliance". The project contributes to the improved livelihood of nearly 3,500 rural households.

This video describes the scope and reach of the Guatemala Highland Value Chain Development Alliance.

Fairtrade Certified

We are proud to bring a variety of Fairtrade products to market. Based on the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards, certified producer organizations receive a minimum price for most products, or the market price if it's higher, with an additional premium for certified organic products.

Producers also receive Fairtrade Premium funds above the purchase price designated for social, economic and environmental development projects. Exactly how this money is spent is determined democratically in the communities they benefit. The Fairtrade Standards strictly prohibit forced child and slave labor. Harmful agrochemicals are minimized or prohibited, and GMOs are strictly prohibited in favor of environmentally sustainable farming methods that protect farmers' health and preserve valuable ecosystems for future generations.

Workers in Fairtrade certified organizations also enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and wages.

Fairtrade America works to spread the word about Fairtrade sourcing in the United States. This non-profit has assisted importers like Superior Foods to source as directly as possible from Fairtrade certified producers to eliminate unnecessary middlemen and empower farmers and workers to compete in the global marketplace.

Community Involvement

At Superior Foods, we are big believers in reciprocal success. One measure of success is the positive impact in the communities where we operate. In addition to Fair Trade partnerships and practices, we support our supply partners’ community development initiatives directly through generous donations and involvement. Our shareholders and employees volunteer time and resources to community development projects that improve the quality of life and accessible resources of rural communities.

Local to our Watsonville community, some of the organizations we provide ongoing support to include:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County which distributes food and resources to over 55,000 residents per month, over half of whom are children.
  • Jacob’s Heart, which provides direct assistance to the families of sick children in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and South Santa Clara Counties.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz, which creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships between community members and at-risk youths to build greater confidence, better relationships, and educational success.

We work directly with our global partners toward causes in their communities, including meal donations, donations of educational materials, and building and supporting local community centers.

Watsonville, CA

We support and sponsor the “Make a Match"campaign of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County.

We support and sponsor Community Bridges of Santa Cruz County.

Other organizations that we're proud to support include:

  • Bowl for Kids' Sake
  • Run or Dye Community Fundraiser
  • Jacob's Heart Food Delivery