Our dedication to creating new, value–added products for our customers drives our advances in the Industrial, Foodservice, Club, and Retail markets. Combined with our extensive and globally–diverse supply and manufacturing base, we are positioned to remain innovation leaders.

We collaborate with our customers to focus on mutually–beneficial development efforts.
Lead and understand consumer trends and market developments
Research and implement the latest in production and packaging technologies
Source and develop new products specific to our customers’ market and growth strategies

New Product Development

At Superior Foods we combine market knowledge, consumer insights, and customer needs to create new product opportunities. Our Product Development teams work with our customers to fine-tune and tailor trend forward products that align with our customer's growth strategies. Not only do we provide the products themselves, but we also provide the insights that allows our customers to tell the stories behind them. We source, manufacture and deliver to markets all over the world.


Throughout our history we have led and integrated new developments in package design, functionality, and usage. With an eye toward functionality, we introduced steam-in-the-bag technology to the US retail market in 2005. Always aware of our impact on the environment, we adopted the use of post-industrial recycled steam bags immediately when they first became available.

We were the first company to introduce Bag-In-Bag packaging. The concept grew from club stores' need to provide frozen asparagus in a package that both creates smaller units within a bag and protects the product against breakage. Over time, we have expanded this idea to include multiple products in a single bag, allowing our foodservice customers to create and modify their own custom blends at will.


In order to create the largest and most diverse manufacturing base in our industry, we expanded beyond the US market in 1990. As a counter-seasonal distributor, we are able to provide supply solutions to the retail, industrial and foodservice markets year-round. We operate an assortment of small farms and conduct extensive packaging and transportation activities in Guatemala. Our social compliant facilities in China are among the most efficient and progressive plants in the region. Our partnerships across Europe give us access to products not readily available in other regions. Diversification of origin lowers risk and ensures reliable delivery regardless of regional yields.

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